Speaker - Professor Erik Baars

Professor Erik Baars worked for 16,5 years as an anthroposophic doctor in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry in The Netherlands. He has a Master of Science (epidemiology) and a PhD (curative health promotion). Currently he works part-time as a senior-researcher Healthcare at the Department of Healthcare & Nutrition of theĀ Louis Bolk Institute, Bunnik, The Netherlands.

Since 2007 he is also a part-time Professor of Anthroposophic Medicine at theĀ University of Applied Sciences, Leiden, The Netherlands. He has published ca 250 papers, articles, book chapters and other publications.


Quote: “Given the urgent need for non-antibiotic alternative treatments to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use, we must invest in studies of safe and promising CAM non-antibiotic treatments and their use in delayed prescription strategies.”