Conference videos

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Session 1 of the conference: Methodologies and results of the CAM-JPIAMR project


Session 2 of the conference: Immediate next steps to be achieved by the end of 2018. Testing of Decision Making Tool prototype with stakeholders, implementation/dissemination strategies, organizational development of CAM DMTs for infections.


Session 3 of the conference: Adding value to the European AMR policy – the vision for the next 5 years


Session 4 of the conference: Feedback from public health stakeholders and open discussion


Short interviews made during the conference  

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Dr Ton Nicolai, the collaboration between EUROCAM and the JPIAMR project team 

Dr Ton Nicolai, a successful conference and the for a better position for CAM in the world


Prof Erik Baars, promising CAM treatments in delayed antibiotic prescription strategies

Prof Erik Baars, the contribution of CAM to reduce the use of antibiotics


Dr Merlin Willcox, alternatives to antibiotics for respiratory infections

Dr Merlin Willcox, we need high-quality evidence and high-quality politics


Dr Elio Rossi, CAM is useful in reducing the AMR problem

Dr Elio Rossi, the position of CAM in Tuscany, Italy


Mrs Nina Renshaw, AMR as a systematic and holistic problem


Dr Geetha Gopalakrishna, reflections about the conference and ideas for the WHO


Mrs Rose Gallagher, the nursing perspective and the use of CAM


Mr Robert Johnstone, patients with long-term chronic condition and the contribution of CAM